Bravos and Brick Bats


I’m going to brag a bit here. Two of our lovely Year 11 students are State finalists in the ABC HEYWIRE competition. As there were only 9 State finalists for NSW we are naturally preening at the moment.

We set the Heywire writing brief as an assessment task for Year 11 early in the year and this is the first year any of our students have been selected. Teachers worked in lessons with students on listening to and analysing previous entires as models of good writing and working through planning, drafting and revising processes . The great thing about their writing is the way kids found their ‘voice’, something they often have difficulty doing.

The competition is open to young people in rural and remote Australia and they are asked to write/record a one minute personal comment on youth issues. Both students are taping their entries this week and these will be aired on ABC Local radio. Cause for celebration, not only of their achievement but also the wonderful work of the English teachers I work with!

On the brick bats, I’m going to have a whinge about State governments that change email systems (with not a lot of preparation) and then don’t transfer your distribution lists or provide sufficient ‘help’ to navigate a completely different process for creating contact lists or address books!

I feel much better now.

About lyntiernan

I teach kids. Mostly English but sometimes good manners, how to have fun learning, that you are never too old to learn something new, that we all make mistakes and what we do about mistakes is who we become, that the future is not some place we are going to but a place we are creating and... I like learning and adapting new technology in the classroom I'm good with my new IWB, websites and email but hopeless with mobile phones!

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