Pre Trial jitters


It’s that time of the year again.  HSC trials on next week and year 12 have been practicing writing in 40 minute blocks. It’s the time when I look back at what I’ve taught and compared it to what they have learned. This is when they discover ‘learning’ also means remembering! And I wish I could restart the clock at term 4 last year and start all over again. However, I can’t,  so must focus on what I can realistically do to support those whose minds have been elsewhere  and those that really haven’t read the text (I couldn’t understand it miss, so I gave up!) and those that think a page and half essay is enough.  Message to self – revision, revision, revision! And enough with the TLC – be a nazi when it comes to homework and participation in class.

There is some light on the horizon – I have been a nazi with my current year 11 and they are keen and enthusiastic most of the time. And year 10 are in the middle of selecting courses for year 11 and year 7 are just plain fun.

I’ve continued on with twitter – and am steadily increasing those I follow. And joined a ning – steep learning curves here. I’ve spent a bit of time this morning updating website – year 11 like being able to check the lessons they have missed and with all the flu going around lots of are trying to keep up to date online. Year 11 have their work placements over the next few weeks and then a trip to the snow (educational of course). This usually means that the less motivated students take time off – leaving a big continuity hole in the middle of term 3.  I am hoping that the website links will keep the Advanced classes on track.

The English staff are off to ‘Moving to Notebook’ training this week – swapping from Activstudio to Smart Notebook. Our school will get an injection of funds next year (National partnerships funding) so more IWB we hope. We are also joining in the Festival of Laptops conference – using the VC suite. A very busy tech time for us all.

Now I am off to do the weekly shopping, enjoy the sunshine and avoid marking.

About lyntiernan

I teach kids. Mostly English but sometimes good manners, how to have fun learning, that you are never too old to learn something new, that we all make mistakes and what we do about mistakes is who we become, that the future is not some place we are going to but a place we are creating and... I like learning and adapting new technology in the classroom I'm good with my new IWB, websites and email but hopeless with mobile phones!

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