HSC Area of Study Belonging


For what it is worth, I’m sharing my AOS unit on The Joy luck Club. I experimented with a different way to teach the unit this year. Instead of a “close study’ of the text accompanied by exploring the concept through various stimulus and related texts, I very deliberately approached the Area of Study through related concepts. The focus is on two main idea: Belonging and place and belonging and identity. Each phase began with a stimulus and investigation of the concept, then moved into the text, back out to some creative/response writing, back into related texts, back to the main concept.

In previous years we always seemed to get bogged down in the set text and students frequently stayed stuck in the text. I wanted students to be more responsible for their own learning and grapple with the text themselves within the framework of the Belonging concept. It was much more enjoyable teaching this way, and did give students many opportunities to connect and reconnect with the set texts and a variety of related texts. Their work in the assessment task was also better.

In preparing the unit to share, the simple table format is one I have used for many years. It helps me remember what I was thinking when I designed the original lesson. I think it helps another reader to  understand the point of a lesson. Any comments appreciated.


About lyntiernan

I teach kids. Mostly English but sometimes good manners, how to have fun learning, that you are never too old to learn something new, that we all make mistakes and what we do about mistakes is who we become, that the future is not some place we are going to but a place we are creating and... I like learning and adapting new technology in the classroom I'm good with my new IWB, websites and email but hopeless with mobile phones!

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